Many people process international transactions by traditional methods. So why should you choose Fintech companies to transfer money- a new remittance method instead of those traditional ones? 

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What is Fintech?


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Financial technology, or FinTech, is a term that refers to businesses that use modern technology to provide financial services to consumers and businesses. These fast-growing companies intend to challenge traditional financial services and disrupt the sector by providing cheaper, faster and safer solutions for many economic activities.

Traditional methods may be making efforts to adapt, but given the lack of a standard global system, international transaction remains a challenge. As a result, fintech services are stepping in to fill the void left by traditional methods. And here are four advantages that Fintech companies have improved to outperform traditional international payment methods:

1. Transparency


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Hidden cost constraints are one of the mistakes FinTech companies are looking to fix. The majority of consumers today are very wary of hidden fees. The transfer amount has quite a lot of unnamed hidden fees. That's why FinTech companies put transfer fee information directly on their websites. Users who visit their platforms to transfer money will see all the costs shown before making transactions.

 In addition, these companies often promote free or low transfer fees to users who want to transact internationally. The advantages of fee transparency have gained the trust and sympathy of users.


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The cost of a money transfer transaction or exchange rate of it is required in every international transaction; therefore, FinTech companies know that today's users pay special attention to the cost. That’s why they offer payment solutions and a competitive price. Technological innovations help FinTech companies to offer lower fees to consumers and businesses than traditional methods. As a result, EzyRemit, one of the FinTech companies, has also tried to minimise their customers’ fees.

3. Speed 

In today's fast-paced life, waiting for an international transaction or a financial institution to complete the transfer procedure is frustrating for users. That is why FinTech companies take advantage of their strengths to make a difference. Where traditional methods rely on age-old processes and multi-layered checks, FinTech companies will use advanced algorithms to make processes faster. Thanks to this development, international transactions will be done much quicker than other methods, resulting in a better user experience.

4. Convenience

As the epidemic continues, customers are afraid to go to crowded places. Since fintech companies rely heavily on the Internet and mobile connectivity, they have become one of the big winners of the pandemic. Thanks to social networking sites, the high level of connection allows them to reach a broad audience and allow customers to reach them with just one click. The flexibility of time and location (both online and offline) helps them meet the needs of customers.

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Traditional banks often require face-to-face communication at the office, which requires patience and time from customers. Unlike them, FinTech companies use modern websites and hotlines, email and social media channels that make it easy for customers to access 24/7 and in multiple languages. Today, with the need for convenience taking precedence, FinTech companies have learned to adapt to this need much faster than with traditional methods.

These are four advantages easily found in FinTech companies that very few traditional methods can do. This article will give you a more objective view of a current FinTech Company to choose an international money transfer method that suits your needs.

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