Have you ever thought of any other must-learn subjects besides your main courses and majors? Nowadays, the world is flat and it’s so easy to access most of the information that we want. However, information overload can lead to the final decision that is to learn…nothing. Do not get frustrated, you can find the answer through our series: Top 5 must-learn subjects to be successful in life. And this will be part 2, the last 3 main subjects to concentrate on.

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3rd must-learn subject: Marketing – Branding Yourself to The World 

Regardless of the quality of your products, you should at least have an awareness of branding (personal, work, business) and how to make customers remember you and want to purchase your products again. 

With accounting knowledge, companies that open and sell snacks should also consider cost management, efficient imports, and exports, which will result in a reduction of raw material costs and production costs. While with marketing knowledge, you know which customers to target for snacking, which channels to advertise, how much the price set is suitable for that customer segment, and research and who to contact for supply resources. You also can list down the strategic questions such as who will be the main customer, what time they will come by, which should be the best seller item, the strengths, and weaknesses of our competitors, and how the flyers should be distributed to advertise your business, etc.

must-learn subjects - marketing

4th must-learn subjects: Be an expert in another language 

Proficiency in at least one of the following foreign languages ​​is the best choice to increase income and job opportunities: 

  • The most used languages ​​in your current living country. 
  • They are rare and somewhat in high-demand languages, which would not be too popular. 

Especially when coming to a country using English as 1st language, it’s compulsory for you to learn the local language, which can be listed as 2nd popular. In this way, you can communicate and catch up with colleagues as well as local life at the early stage.  

must-learn subjects - language

The 5th of must-learn subjects: How to read statistics 

This subject does not need to be too good, but it is also necessary to know the principles to read reports and research correctly. From there, the actual trend factors can be verified, and the decision will be more logical. Like statistics, it gives me a map that many people often go through, the difficulties they often encounter, the types of common solutions... From there, it saves a lot of effort in life. 

So, if multi-disciplinary, multi-skilled, how will it develop? The answer is INCREDIBLE opportunities, along with the thinking foundation built in the above basic subjects, wherever you are, you can find something that you can do, learn quickly and do it quickly. 


In the 21st century, we are constantly exposed to information, which is both pros and cons at the same time. In other words, the later generations will have a bigger chance to expand their knowledge at a low cost and almost unlimited resources. However, time is limited; therefore, it's crucial to define the critical subjects or what to learn. EzyRemit hopes readers can find this article useful for your reference.


Have you ever thought of any other must-learn subjects besides your main courses and majors? Nowadays, the world is flat and it’s so easy to access most of the information that we want. However, information overload can lead to the final decision that is to learn…nothing. Do not get frustrated, you can find the answer through this article.  

1st must-learn subject: Economy 

The economy is the “study of the way in which economies work, for example, how they make money and produce and distribute goods and services” (Cambridge Dictionary, n.d.). It is not compulsory to study deeply about macroeconomics, and you can choose to learn the basic steps like the fundamentals of the economy at a glance with a simple writing style, which has been simplified and suitable for amateurs. Throughout the long existence of exchange and currency, the economy has had a spontaneous impact on every aspect of our life. Having knowledge of economics will help us have a worldview to look at the operation of life around us from an economic perspective.  

The short-term benefit is to reduce the number of times of being deceived about goods, services, multi-level..., the long-term benefit is to cultivate the mindset that lays the foundation for living, working, making money, saving, etc.


“Practice makes perfect” – we can try to get used to it by creating a daily reading news habit. For example, the topic of the reason why the oil economy is tied to the dollar, why the phenomenon of "rescuing agricultural products" happens, why Vietnamese farmers choose not to sell to other countries, how the removal of Russian banks from the SWIFT system affect Russia and other countries, why we insist on industrialization.  

Keeping your mind practicing and active every day would be a great strategy to develop the knowledge for the economy in our life.  

2nd must-learn subject: Principles of Accounting 

According to EdX, Accounting can be included Learn about accounts payable, debits and credits, cash flow statements, revenue recognition, the accounting cycle, bank reconciliation, accounts receivable, accounting concepts, and more with online courses. It’s such a fundamental subject for cultivating thinking about small business models, at the very least knowing how to calculate profit and loss, how to estimate how much to pay for a property, how to manage import and export, and how to manage raw materials, especially way to manage a personal or small business. Business is all about corporate finance, so if you want to be better at it, you should read more about it. 

These are 2 out of 5 must-learn subjects


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1. Create a Daily Routine

person holding pencil and stick note beside table

It’s important to think of studying online as seriously as if you were on campus, so you don’t fall behind your studies. To help you be motivated, try and follow a daily routine that will provide some structure to your day. Start by making a timetable or calendar of what classes are on when deadlines are submitted and maintain effective study and break times.

If your classes aren’t live, set up regular times that you will watch recordings or do readings. Breaking down big tasks into smaller ones, and setting up daily or weekly goals or challenges can help you study effectively and on track.

Check your official University student email and online sites daily to make sure you receive all the latest updates and announcements. 


2. Get Your Devices Ready

silver iMac near iPhone on brown wooden table

To access online classes, you’ll need a few important items. A working, updated computer, the appropriate software with wifi and quiet working space are important to prepare yourself to access live classes. Now is a good time to finally carry out those updates you have been putting off!

You’ll need to check if your class has an online attendance option to find the appropriate software. If your Internet is slow or unstable, you can usually download lecture recordings and view these at a later time. Make sure you don't miss classes that take online attendance!


3. Treat Live Classes as The Regular Ones

silver iphone 6 on white paper

Make sure your technology is working well (particularly your audio settings) and log in a few minutes early so you are ready to study. It’s a good idea to try and find a quiet place without distractions and turn off any notifications or pop-ups, so you can concentrate. And remember to mute your mic when you aren’t speaking.

Try and participate as much as possible, just like a usual class. If you don’t feel confident talking on the mic, you can use the chat function to ask a question.


4. Communicate with Your Lecturers and Tutors

person in red and black plaid long sleeve shirt using black laptop computer

Communicating with your lecturers and tutors is really important and shouldn’t stop just because you aren’t with them face-to-face. Since your teachers may also be working off-campus, an email will be the best way to communicate – just make sure you send emails from your official University email address. Some units of study will also have discussion forums set up, which will be moderated by teachers.

Keep in mind that your teachers will likely be receiving an increased number of emails over the semester, so do them a favor by making sure your emails are short, polite, and to the point.


5. Keep In Touch with Your Classmates

macbook pro displaying group of people

One of the best ways to stay up to date, and across your studies, is to continue to talk to your classmates. Use Zoom to set up regular study groups, participate in discussion forums on Canvas or set up group chats on social media or messaging apps. Group assignments will continue while studying online, so it’s always a good idea to remain in contact with your cohort. Remember to check in on your classmates and always be supportive and respectful. 


6. Keep a Positive and Well-prepared Attitude

woman wearing pink top while holding mug

Studying online will be a new experience for many students, and it may take time to adjust to the setup. Rest assured, you will be receiving an excellent education experience and the University will support you at every stage, from Welcome Week through to exams.

Try and stay as positive as possible, take regular breaks and reward yourself for completing tasks and keeping a routine. Exercising, eating well, and getting plenty of sleep will also help you stay motivated and healthy. If you need support from home, there are many ways you can contact your university or even the state.


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